Mise à jour II

(Toujours mes excuses aux anglophones, toute correction (vocabulaire, grammaire, conjugaison) reste la bienvenue ;-) )
(Juste ce constat alors que je viens de frapper le corps du billet : quel jeune homme épanoui je faisais ...)

Délires malsains - 1992

Pain is constant
Death is not deliverance

You say you're happy
While your soul is dying
You kiss a girl
And your brain is crying

Nothing can change
Nothing can change

You're hearing at people
And your heart bleed
You look at the others,
And you want to live

And the voice in your head
And the voice in your head
Screams, screams, screams
And you can't stop it
You can't stop it
And nothing can change
And you can't change anything

So I love you,
Because I feel the same
And I want to die
Don't you ?

But Roland is right ...

Pain is constant
Death is not deliverance

I want to kill,
I want to kill my eyes,
I want to kill my hear,
I want to see my blood,
I want to destroy my thought,
Don't want to think anymore,
I want to be free ...
From my head, from my mind,
From this world, from my life ...
I want to die ...

Shall I ? ...

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